Wedding Preparation

Private Lessons for your first dance

We offer specialized lessons for those who wish to take their first steps as Husband and Wife with grace and confidence. Our goal is to make every wedding couple enjoy each moment of their first dance, not feeling overwhelmed or panicked. Our dance instructors will take you through stress-free, carefully planned lessons, to make your first dance together feel effortless and natural. We'll help make your dance one that will be remembered by your guests, and most importantly, by the two of you.

Each package includes: personalized music consultation and editing, and rehearsal videos.

  • 1 hour $60
  • 3 hours $180
  • 5 hours $300
  • 10 hours $600

Learn How to Dance

Learn how to dance.

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Getting Married

OS offers lessons for couples getting married!


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Our youth programs are awesome!

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