Tuesday- Salsa Dance


Tuesday Night Black Belt Salsa Dance and Practice

Classes & Practice "2.5" Hour courses with practice time!! Learn a "Complete" 2 to 5-year PROGRESSIVE Course Syllabus,Online and Ready to use. A World Class Salsa Curriculum so well thought-out, and so well planned, it will keep your students AND instructors growing and entertained for YEARS to come. More information: blackbeltsalsa.com.

Black Belt Salsa Lessons every Tuesday: 7:15-8:45pm
Practice Hour of Power: 8:45-9:45pm
Price: $60 per month; $20 walk-in (2.5 hours every Tuesday) Overstreet is located just south of Denver, in Littleton, CO.


Learn How to Dance

Learn how to dance.

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OS is a beautiful venue to rent.


Getting Married

OS offers lessons for couples getting married!


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Our youth programs are awesome!

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We have awesome instructors and performers for hire! Whether it's a company event or.....

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