Friday Night- West Coast Swing Dance


Friday Night West Coast Swing Dance

West Coast Swing is danced to modern, contemporary and blues music. It has the structure and beauty of Ballroom dance, and the stretch connection goodness of Swing dance. No partner necessary. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Usually a less sticky shoe is better. Overstreet is located just south of Denver, in Littleton, CO.

Lessons (Beginning & Intermediate): 7-8PM
Social Dance: 8-11pm
Prices: $10 lesson + dance; $5 dance only; $5 kids lesson + dance (12 and under).

Progressive Style Lessons!

Overstreet has fantastic news! We now offer a progressive curriculum for our beginning and intermediate levels! A progressive curriculum really allows our students to learn and KNOW West Coast Swing dance. One of the most frustrating aspects of learning to dance is not being able to dance after taking a lesson. We are offering the solution! We now have 1 hour classes, which will have you dancing after just ONE lesson. The discounted price for the month is $35/person. Also, it's setup in such a way that you can DROP-IN ANY TIME! Here's the breakdown of our curriculum:


Beginner's Level Sequence:

  • 6-count Basics: Moves, Technique, Rhythm, and Connection (4-weeks)
  • 8-count Basics: Moves, Technique, Rhythm, and Connection (4-weeks)
  • 6-count & 8-count Progressives: Moves, Technique, Musicality, and Connection (8-weeks)

    Intermediate's Level Monthly Progressive Themes:

  • Intermediate 6-count Moves (4-weeks)
  • Intermediate 8-count Moves (4-weeks)
  • He Goes; She Goes Moves (4-weeks)
  • Redirects (4-weeks)
  • Sweetheart Position (4-weeks)


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