Joe DeMers - West Coast Swing, Blues and Lindy Hop -

A bit of funk, touch of contemporary, and a whole lot of love makes for dancing that is mmmmm mmmmm good! Joe frequently deejays weddings and school dances. His collection of music is vast and appeals to so many people.

From Denver to LA to Seoul, Joe has been spreading the Swing love; always throwing in a few surprises to spice up the night. Along with playing the good stuff, Joe enjoys sushi, anime and long walks on the beach.

Dave Slutzker - Lindy Hop

Dave's love of swing music to play and dance to includes music for Lindy Hop and Balboa from the 20'S to the present, all with solid 4 beat bass lines. Come and enjoy dancing to old standards and numbers and artists you may have not heard before.

Tom Perlinger - West Coast Swing

In addition to being the Head Director of Swingtime in the Rockies, Tom Perlinger is a very active dj around Denver. His fans follow him from venue to venue dancing to all the great West Coast Swing music that Tom has to offer. Come out when Tom is playing and you'll find a packed dance floor!

Farrell Woods - West Coast Swing -

Farrell Woods is a professional Denver area DJ for West Coast Swing. He maintains a large collection of traditional and modern West Coast Swing dance music. He is highly regarded by dancers all around the Denver area. In addition to playing WCS, Farrell is a professional wedding and events dj. If you're looking for the best, look no further; he is here.

Melissa Mullins - Lindy Hop

Melissa got hooked on everything swing in 2003. Her history in the Colorado swing scene includes years of DJing,
performing and teaching. She loves the fun and joyful spirit found in the swing era dances as well as the music it reflects.
Melissa has DJed at many local dance venues and is currently a regular DJ at the Mercury Cafe in Denver.


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